“Positively Music,” is a business response to a social problem. People from marginalized communities experience difficulty getting past discrimination and poverty when looking to create a future for themselves; lacking access to opportunities, knowledge and support. “Positively Music,” provides online, mobile and face to face music industry entrepreneurship training to organisations working with such individuals. Music industry entrepreneurship doesn’t discriminate and offers the chance to start a new life. Creative enterprise is a proven grass roots development strategy as well as an intervention and prevention tool.

The benefits are that learners are allowed to succeed regardless of their background. They gain purpose, direction and a sense of belonging. They also give back to their communities, thereby strengthening them. Positively Music’s programmes are an opportunity to achieve socio-economic self-sufficiency. There are lots of resources to get started with from books and reports to online videos and live workshops. Positively Music leaves learners feeling confident, invigorated and ready to go.

Leena, the founder of Positively Music, has 2 music business degrees and over 17 years professional experience in the digital music industry. She is a UK - wide speaker and trainer to hundreds of seminar attendees within the university and government business agency environment. Most notably, she led international, European and national digital marketing and PR campaigns for superstar artists from Beyoncé to Take That. She is known for my insight, fresh ideas and sharpness.


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